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Do you doubt yourself? Or feel like a fraud? That, one day, people will expose you for all the things you don’t know but should. Perhaps, you are waiting for the other shoe to drop, the bad news to arrive, or you are insecure about getting fired for poor performance. You are not alone.

According to a 2011 article from The Journal of Behavioral Science, 70% of people suffer, at one point in their lives, from inner roadblocks like impostor syndrome. You don’t have to feel this way. Your Impostor Moment: Breaking Through the Barriers of Self-Doubt will help erase the uncertainty you’ve been feeling.

In this book, you will:

  • Hear from people from all walks of life on their own experiences with impostor moments
  • Identify your own impostor moments from your past and overcome them
  • Learn how to move forward while honoring those moments without having them define your success

It’s time to help you overcome those roadblocks of uncertainty to achieve the success you have been seeking.

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Kingston Coaching.

Raising your self-awareness through leadership helps you enhance your experiences, your growth, and your contribution so that you can live a more fulfilled and engaged life.  

I am here to help you learn how.  

​Kingston Coaching helps you in ways no other coach can. Through a no-nonsense proven system, you will be guided to:  

✔️Uncover your values and your true dreams and desires.

✔️Connect with your real self and slay the gremlin that has been de-railing your progress.  

✔️Master your mindset so that you can lead others.  

✔️Decide on the destination, determine the actions, and create the map to get there.  

Let's go!

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1:1 Coaching Program xxxx 

Individual coaching is a wonderful investment in yourself to get the results you want. You will be supported to gain the clarity you are looking for to make the shifts in your life necessary to reach the potential you are seeking.  

​You will also be guided to solve your problems yourself using effective decision-making tools and strategies. You have the answers, I help you uncover them and move forward. Each session is catered to your specific needs and desires and follows your agenda to keep you at the center of the coaching. 

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Energetic Leadership Index (ELI)

Some of the most powerful coaching I do is around the ELI. It moves my clients forward by at least 2-3 sessions. 

The assessment is a quick 20-30-minute questionnaire online that is simple and easy to use.  

Once you take it, the results are sent to me immediately and we schedule a time to meet and go over the results.  

During our time together, you will gain insight on your own relationship with the 7 levels of energy (Fully explained in the debrief) both in your day to day life as well as under stress (which could also be daily)! 

Simply put, this is looking at your consciousness - your awareness of yourself and the world and your part in it all.  

Who is this for? Anyone who may be feeling a bit stuck or overwhelmed and not quite sure what is holding you back. Or, maybe, things are going along swimmingly but you want to give yourself a little kick in the pants to increase your performance, growth, and impact.  

I'm offering a special on this special package including the assessment and the 90-minute debrief. This can either be a stand-alone session or done in conjunction with a 12-week program.



Hello there! ​I'm Candice...

Who Am I? 

I'm a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend...  

I am a recovering Health Insurance Broker and Account Manager with Impostor Syndrome, always trying to fit a round peg in a square hole that now helps others match their professions and businesses (and lives!) to who they truly are and SURGE ahead.  

​I'm an entrepreneur, a dreamer, a big picture thinker, and an energetic being ready to inspire the masses and help you become the you you were meant to be.

My Mission: 

To put an end to people hiding behind masks, denying themselves the pleasure of being who they really are, playing small, and staying in ill-fitting roles instead of stepping into their greatness and owning their power. 

To help business owners stop doing "all the things" and be able to step into their power as leaders. 

To help all people realize that leadership starts with first leading yourself. Everyone is a leader. 

(Read more about my story here on Voyager Denver.)

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